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We unite the various access points to the web, thus giving you a single User Name through which you can access the web globally.We help you to connect the Internet, and Internet keeps the world in your hands. We facilitate you to be comfortable and enjoy online journey through our modern and reliable broadband services. It keeps a wide canvas of online space at your access. What you paint on it or how you make use of it is up to you. Be it's for communication, data transfer, listening to music, watching films, knowledge enhancement, blogging, social networking, news, uploading and downloading files, playing online games, shopping online… you name it, Internet makes it all readily available for you. We delight in connecting you to the rest of the world around you. Gayatri online is an optic-fiber-based broadband service provider started and run by Mr.Narayana headquartered at Gayatri Nagar, Jillelagua, Hyderabad keeping in minds the different needs of present Internet users at homes and offices. Fiber optic cable can carry limitless bandwidth without signal loss. Unlike other broadband technologies like Cable Modem, ADSL, VDSL, Wireless, etc., we bring fiber into each building, making it more convenient for you.

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